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Augmented Reality is the next big thing

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With Smartphones such as Android and iPhone, Augmented Reality is within reach and will undoubtly become "the next big thing", even superceeding what is now "The Internet".

The Internet has already changed our daily life to such extent it was hardly imaginable when the hype started back somewhere in 1995. But yet, the internet as experience is still constrained to a device such as a computer; you have to "drop out" of the environment and put your focus to some kind of machine and search for information which will be presented in a more or less abstract way. You then have to translate this information somehow to the real world; say, you have a hardcopy of a map printed from some online map service and have to recognize structures within your environment.

With Augmented Reality applications, informations will appear directly "within" the environment, thus obliterating the need for translation. This works in both ways - for if I gather "information" (such as pictures) within the field, I'd need to translate it to the abstract information presented in the internet as well, if I would for instance like to publish a certain picture within Google Maps.

Seeing only the first feeble AR applications, I see great potential and I'm even astonished by the sudden rise of AR capable devices. That these solutions are not "perfect" in the sense what people have once devised - handheld screens instead of AR glasses or even more sophisticated mechanisms such as implants - is another good example how technology often evolves in a somewhat chaotic way, by using (and sometimes: abusing) what is there instead of waiting for a perfect solutions.


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