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999.99 $

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That's the price of an (currently not available) application within Apples App Store, which brings a small icon of a ruby along with the tagline "I Am Rich" to an iPhone's screen. It is supposed to deliver a mantra as well, but as I gave my iPhone to the nanny yesterday and the application is currently not available as of now, I am unfortunately not able to check that out.

Now people truly get mad about this: for one because some people are "stupid" enough to spend 999.99 $ for an image, and because someone is as "greedy" to even offer such a thing. Well, you possibly can question every transaction concerning art - I mean, why buy an old image of crappy painted sun flowers for millions of bucks when you could buy a whole field of living sunflowers instead?

People have a common misconception of "value", regarding value as an intrinsic property of any object. However, there is no such thing as "value", especially not "true value". The value of any item is always and only determined by what someone is ready to pay for it.


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