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A new feature

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A new feature on the page, namely the calendar - now the calendar widget is limited to those days, months and years which have texts, which is something you can show your gratitude to some unknown mugu spammer from Africa. Should you happen to find him, forward him to me so I can show my gratitude as well - with a rubber hose and a solid hemp rope.

Out of a good reason, I set the calendar page to noindex and nofollow, so any bots would not end up indexing empty pages from the whole range. But of course, the harvesters of our african friends do not really care about that, as it might be possible that there is still an exploitable form hidden on the 22nd September of 1791. This would regularly bring peaks of 11,000 or even 35,000 hits to my page.

Well, I hope that this problem is somewhat reduced now.


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