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Today I surely attained "Nerdvana", because today I bought - proudly beaming like the proudest of all boys - myself a "Kosmos electronic pro" experimental kit, geared towards teaching our youth the inner workings of common day appliances.

But from start. I was searching for some experiments considering LEDs on the Internet and found a small set, when I remembered my long past childhood days and my Kosmos XE 1000 which was later upgraded by the Kosmos XE 2000. So I was wondering whether they still existed or not, and ended up with finding the contemporary versions. On the Internet, they had several sizes listed, including the biggest. I ended up with a sudden desire to continue where I left some 16-18 years ago, because back then I never got the biggest kit with the optical fiber and IR transmitters. But I was not really inclined ordering over the internet, looking at the price tag and the prospect of getting a massive package delivered while I was most likely not at home, which I would then have to fetch at the other end of town.

Today, I went to Spielwaren Kurtz to see whether they had them in stock, and yes they had, and yes they even had the biggest one. Bought! Actually, it's a pity the Magna Doodles were out of stock, because I would have liked to get one of these, too.

Apart from wanting to finally attain Nerdvana for sure, I saw two other reasons. For one, I'm using electronics all the day long, and from back then, I still know what a Transistor does, or a Diode, Condenser or Resistor. Well, back then I even knew by heart how to decode these nice colorful rings on the resistors. But I sure cannot remember most of the layouts and workings of the inner circuits; today, I see most tasks from the viewpoint of a programmer, but I can still remember that you can achieve pretty much with pure electronics, say for instance to generate a tone at a given frequency or even to imitate the wailing sound of a siren.


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